Sunday, January 22, 2006

Confused? You will be

I started writing a really deep post on death for today. I thought it was good – maybe one day I’ll finish it! But then I thought I shouldn’t just write really deep stuff here – I should write my stuff.

After all, this blog is about me right?

So maybe I should put in that I went and got smashed last night, and did the works – crying, laughing, fighting with my housemate. It was great! And write that even though I love going out with my girrrrrrrlfriends I really would like a boy to take me out instead.

And to confess that I am considered as deep as a puddle by my friends here in Brum. To be honest, it’s a view I encourage. I always tell people I’m shallow, because then no-one expects you to share emotional insight! I think that is my problem. I’m not very good at sharing…which is why I am using this blog as ‘deposit box’ for my (rare) deep thoughts. Because if I left them in my head I might put them down somewhere and forget which pile of junk they’re under, or they might be frightened into submission by the frivolous thoughts, in their ra-ra skirts and high heels.

Hmmm, its all getting a leeeetle bit surreal. So me thinks I should stop and get some sleep.

So to clarify:

1. I will deposit my deep thoughts here, a la Dumbledore and the pensieve

2. I will also talk about my live as I am living it

3. I won’t be too serious (that’s not very me) but equally I will try not to scare anyone.

Look, give me a break. I’ve only just started doing this and I’m trying to work out my style – d and m (deep and meaningful) or funny and frivolous. Maybe one day I’ll even get there!

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