Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On Call

I was on call yesterday, meaning I was in the Emergency Admissions unit. It was a great day – busy, interesting, great teaching, great practical stuff. It made me feel excited about medicine again. Which is a good feeling! The team on yesterday were great – lots of fun and enthusiasm for the job, which makes all the difference. HO and SHOs are so much better for 3rd year teaching, as they don’t pitch to teaching too high, and because its more casual and you can say stupid stuff! So I was excited and interested again today about medicine, and about learning.

However, Dr Smooth had another go at destroying me today. I actually was ok during his teaching – heart rate remained steady, not skyrocketing. Not so for the rest of my firm, who were very flustered today. But the bastard did ask me, and only me, to do a 10 minute presentation on rheumatoid arthritis for next Tuesday, without notes. Great. As if I haven’t enough to do. Thanks, Dr Smooth

PS saw a HUGE scrotal hernia yesterday, about the size of a melon. How do people let things get that far?!

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