Monday, February 13, 2006


Well, a great weekend was had by all!

Hannah (my little cuz) came up on Saturday morning, and we went shopping in the afternoon, round the Bullring (Selfridges’ have the Matthew Williamson dress Keira Knightley wore to the Pride and Prejudice premiere – tis beeeeeeautiful and devastatingly expensive). We met my brother in the afternoon, for coffee, before he went to ‘do stuff’ with his mate Tyler. Both me and Hannah had sent James several messages to remind him to bring his id and Hannah’s with him, as they were both in Stafford. I asked him ‘Have you got them?’ and he said…

‘No, I forgot them.’

Rubbish boy. So he had to go back to Stafford to get the ids. I couldn’t believe he could be so stupid.

But before going back to Stafford, he was even more stupid. He had his bottom lip pierced.


Now, I don’t mind piercing of the ear, or even eyebrow, or belly button, or places where I don’t have to know or care about. But oral piercings make my skin crawl. Eugh. So I wasn’t impressed, but I was also very quickly over it. I mean, its his face to fuck up if he really wants.

The rents didn’t agree.

He is up to his neck in shit with my parents. My dad refused to speak to him. My mum is still not happy about it, and I wasn’t brave enough to mention it to Dad when I spoke to him on the phone tonight…

Anyway, he went bavk for the ids and we took Hannah to her first club ever. Ahem, she is only 16. We got her pissed, and she had a great time (we went to Snobs – if you’re ever in Brum and you’re mildly alternative and tight with money, got there cos it’s a wicked and cheap night out). There was vodka, tequila, chips and a kebab, taxi ride home and no chundering! She was brilliant company and my brother was a laugh too. I had a great time.

Sunday, we lazed around, watching telly and eating cheese toasties, then went to see Memoirs of a Geisha (again for me!). This morning she went home, a happy little bunny. I mean, how cool is that – the first time she went clubbing was in the centre of Birmingham, aged 16, with her two older cousins! I never had that dubious pleasure.

And now I really must go to bed – just look at the time! I have to be up at 6am…

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