Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Half way

The half way party last night was awesome. I went out not up for it, feeling … well, just rubbish (fat and ugly). But with a little truly cheesy music, bad costumes, compliments on my third eye, and yes, I admit, some vodka and tequila, I was on top form!

The third eye costume was perfect. I painted them (to match, of course) in acrylics on paper – one each for me, Jen and Mirabel, and then stuck them on with eyelash glue. Some black eyeliner and false eyelashes later, and we were very freaky… We were dressed normally, which somehow added to the weirdness. People looked at us, then double took as they clocked the eye. Hilarious!

Today has been long. Hangover was averted by staying in bed very late (no teaching this morning so my firm elected not to bother going in, but then we had lectures from 4pm til 7pm. Personally, I think it contravenes university laws. Every uni student in the whole of England has Wednesday afternoon off for ‘sport’. It’s a great idea – allowing uni sports matches to take place without people missing teaching. And it’s wonderful for those of us not on a sports team! But this year the medschool are giving with one hand and taking away with the other. ‘Have Wednesday afternoons off, but we’re giving you Wednesday evening lectures instead.’ Mean bastards.

So I went to the lectures – about research ethics, being an expert witness and negligence cases. Highly riveting. Not. Then I went straight to choir, and didn’t get home til 10pm, when I finally had my dinner!

And now I am knackered, so I am going go get some shut eye. Nighty night x

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