Thursday, February 09, 2006

I love Day Nurse

I am feeling so much better today – hurrah! Have a new addiction to Day Nurse though…

We had our ophthalmology lecture evening tonight. Yeah, it’s not enough that we’re in hospital all week, we also have lectures on Wednesdays, 4 til 7. Lucky med students. It was ok, but the most important thing I learnt was that eyes are disgusting and I do not want to be an ophthalmologist. I did do lots of purposeful doodling – that’s is drawing stuff not just abstract sketching as I normally do. I came up with a nice angel-ish winged figure type thing, which I might work up as a watercolour. Don’t know when I’ll be doing this but hey, there’ll be time eventually!

I was also re-elected as secretary of Medchoir, which I am very pleased about.

And I spent some money I don’t have ordering rings off the internet. Ooops.

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