Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lazy day

Gorgeous, snuggled and lazy lie-in this morning. I love the weekend!

The early mornings are definitely the worst thing about being a med student. I hate getting up in the dark at 6am, a time that normally only features on my radar from the other side… I am a true night owl, and even when I’m getting up at 6am every day, I still don’t get to bed til gone midnight. So as we go from Monday to Friday, I get progressively grumpier. Which is unpleasant for my housemates.

But it also makes Saturday morning perfect. I hate having to get up for any reason – I believe I should be able to stay in be until I am ready to get up!

That was at 1pm today…

I did have some very weird dreams this morning while in that state between wakling and sleeping, including one about a friend from home, Tom, who I saw at Christmas for the first time in about 2 years. The dream was very strange – we were in church, singing in the choir (that’s normal – I knew him from the church choir!) and a small child came and gave me a penny, and told me he loved me. In a normal child-like way – nothing weird or paedophilic! Then Tom gave me a ‘look’ and tossed me a five pence piece.

‘Now you’re mine.’

Now Tom has never been that sort of friend. I was a year above him at school, and we were only friends at choir. We were actually very good friends but never in any other context. I used to walk home with him and we could talk for England, but it was never anything more. I think it’s just that this dream was so real that I’m wierded out by it!

Anyway, moving on from boring dream stories, I’ve had a great day. A lazy afternoon, went shopping with Mirabel, my best friend, who I hadn’t seen for ages til we went to Medbar together last night. We pottered about the Bullring, and tried on ball gown in Monsoon (exactly a fortnight til Medball!), went to the Italian deli for tea, then headed to the cinema to see Casanova. Want my advice? Don’t go see it if you hate historical inaccuracies, ridiculous stunts and ludicrous plot lines. Like me…

Heath Ledger looked good though, probably even better than in the gay cowboy film. He’s always worth the ticket price!

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Tall Medstudent said...

I'd wonder, why five pence? Does that value have a particular significance?