Monday, February 20, 2006

Slightly crazy day today. The weather’s been completely up the spout and its sent me that way too. Rain, sunshine, hail, wind – we’ve had the lot. Its been very April-shower-ish, and makes me feel Spring like!

I went shopping for fangs today. Yes, really. It’s our ‘Freek or geek’ half way party tomorrow, and me, Jenna and Mirabel were going to go as vampires (easy freak we thought), but could I find any shops selling them? No. I even cycled a ouple of miles to a fancy dress shop. Yeah, should have rung as it was closed. Like forever. Bollox.

But all is not lost. I am going to paint 3 eyes tomorrow, one for each of us, and we’re going to stick them to our foreheads (with eyelash glue!) and go as the three three-eyed freaks! Woooo!

It’s actually very scary that it’s our half-way party already. I mean, this is it. I am half-way (barring any accidents..!) to being a doctor. Two and a half years gone, just like that. How can that be? I don’t feel half way to being a doctor, even a very scatty FY1!

I continue to hope and pray to be enough.


<>Rach (my housemate), Jenna, Mirabel and me went to a great gig tonight – the boy least likely to, at bar academy. It was really good fun. The band is a bunch of very shiny happy people with singable happy melodies and great use of loads of different and unusual instruments. I was bopping and clapping and generally loving it! Especially the bubble machine in the finale!


I read an article yesterday about blogs. All about people who use them to make money, who run them as companies. Some people don’t mean to start them that way, but others purposefully use them like that. Weird huh?

It certainly made me think. I think blogs are for communicating, for a bit of self venting. For me this is more of a diary, but I think I put it here because ist a safe sort of exhibitionism. No-one knows me, it doesn’t matter if no one reads it, but it serves a purpose for me just being out there.

Maybe it’s because I am a repressed prima donna. It comes from the singing I think. My voice is soprano, and amateur sops are notorious for being difficult, awkward, show-offy, can’t manage if they’re not singing the tune, and I have all the worse of those qualities. In the medics choir, I am the lead first sop (ummm that’s like the higher part of the top vocal line) and also the only person who always puts forward a solo item for every concert. Now, I am talented enough to do that at the (very local) level we sing at, but so are several other people in the choir. They don’t always put themselves forward. And that’s the exhibitionist part of me. Safe but still showing-off!

Something I’d love to do one day is to be a lounge singer, just for a night. The whole clichéd shebang. A long red sequinned gown, red elbow length gloves, some very glittery rocks, some very high heels, big hair, a grand piano and a handsome man playing. And yes, I would lie – no, lounge – on that piano. It would be faaaaabulous, dahling!


And now I have finished rambling on. As you can see, going to see live music and singing and dancing puts me on a high, and I need seriously amounts of slowing down time. But I have eaten some chicken casserole (made by moi today, absolutely lush, rich and sage-y), had a cup of tea and now I am finally ready for bed!

(Oooo, had my first comment, a very exciting moment for me! I am going to also attempt to sort out the links bit – put in favourite sites and of course, my favourite daily blogs! And hopefully the link I put in for the boy least likely to works!)

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