Saturday, February 18, 2006

To my best friend...

To my best friend,

I remembered tonight why and who you are. I’m sorry for forgetting. You are my best friend because you are kind, understanding, funny, bright and strong. You have a warmth and humour that is rarely found, and I am truly blessed for being friends with you.

The last few weeks I’ve barely seen you, and it’s made me forget why I love you. I began to think that you were just an ‘ordinary’ friend. But tonight we went out together and I remembered what makes you so special.

Sure, I find it easier to articulate my feelings with some lubrication (a bottle of white does the trick wonderfully!) but you are the only person I ever truly open up to. I enjoyed talking to you tonight, about death and illness and loss and life. You are the only person I can talk to like that.

And yet, although I have my deepest conversations with you, I know that I can laugh and smile and joke with you. That it doesn’t all have to be deadly serious! We have fun and we have the ‘D and Ms’. That’s what makes you so special.

So this is my ode to you, best friend. If you read my blog, you’d know who you were. As it is, this would be too close to home – you already know everything about me, let me have a small piece of privacy! But know this – I don’t ever want to be without you.

Stay true to yourself, and stay friends with me…

Much love,


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