Saturday, February 11, 2006

What a wonderful world...

Hurrah! It’s the weekend!

I had a (legitimate) day off today. I know, I know, I should have done some work (OSCEs looming…) but I did do lots of useful things. Like put my art work on a pinboard, and rearrange my vast earring collection. Um, yeah, so it’s been fruitful.

It has been a beeeeeeeautiful day in fair Birmingham. The sky was the eye-aching blue of the Mediterranean, and the sun shone on that low winter slant. The University’s main buildings are red brick, and on a day like today they just ‘pop’. The red glows, and against the searing sky – wow. Days like today remind how wonderful the world is.

And on that happy clappy note, I am definitely gonna go get some shut eye!

PS I found the thing to change the post time, so changed it to GMT so I wouldn’t have to keep switching the damn thing on each post. Unfortunately it changed the times on all my other posts – which has made them very early in the morning instead of very late at night. Oops.

PPS The GMT line from Greenwich (oddly enough) runs south and right through my home town of East Grinstead. How cool is that?!

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