Monday, March 20, 2006

I've been tagged!

So I got tagged by Marysienka

You must relate 6 weird things about yourself. After you have done this, you must name the 6 people you are going to tag and then go and tag them by leaving them a comment saying they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1) I have a deep hatred of furry fruit. Kiwis and peaches are the worse offenders – I can’t even touch those, let alone eat them. Raspberries are a little bit fuzzy, and I have to squish ‘em quick with my tongue when I eat them, so they aren’t too furry feeling in my mouth. Furry leaves on plants also have the same effect – like someone walking over my grave. Squicky!

2) I am obsessed with moisturisers. I am not going to age; I am going to stay eternally young with the liberal application of Olay Total Effects SPF 15. You will become wrinkled and saggy, but not me! Mwahahaha!

3) I burst into song about 20 times a day. Mostly because someone says something that reminds me of a song, and so I sing it. Logical, huh. And when I say sing, I mean SING. I’m trained, and I know how to wield a diaphragm. I project well. Everyone else just says I’m loud. Or shout 'shut up! for god's sake, shut up!'.

4) My current favourite food is shrimp and banana sweeties from Sainsburys. My, they are gooooood. The shrimps taste of pink, and the bananas of banana angel delight. So fake, so saccharine, so hitting the spot.

(Isn’t it tricky to type banana?)

5) I have a piano in my bedroom. It’s a crappy old thing that I’ve been dragging around for a few years, but I learnt to play on it (many) years ago and I love it. People are very surprised by it though. I mean, most students have guitars, but I have a huge unwieldy upright piano.

6) I’m terrified of volcanoes. I worry that one day I will be caught in a lava flow. That’s why I like England. We don’t have volcanoes. Scotland does, but that’s far enough away for me.

And that’s a selection of 6 weird things about me – there are many many many more…

Oh, and I’m a wee bit shy to go tag people with this one. I have a fear of rejection.


Marysienka said...

You have a piano in your bedroom? You're so lucky!! I miss mine at home so much (it used to be in my bedroom too!) :-/

"Furry leaves on plants also have the same effect – like someone walking over my grave" hahaha!
Funny you don't like fruit! Do ppl at your school really watch what they eat and stuff? Here, it's crazy. It's almost embarrassing to bring your lunch!

Anna said...

ah i love my piano. i love my piano at home much more tho - it was bought for me brand new when i was 16. its shiny, black and has a great feel and sound. when it finally moves in with me it will truly be a sign that i have grown up and stopped being a scrummy student.

a few years yet then!

i do like non-furry fruit, apples, oranges, pineapple, plums etc. there are a few people i know with borderline eating disorder at medshcool, one of whom i'm living with next year. eek. bu most of us used to take a packed lunch due to the absolute rubbishness of the medschool canteen. the hospital i'm currently placed at has a pretty shit hot canteen, so i am heavily into their paninis at the mo. its also a lot easier than trying to make lunch at 7am. i am not a morning person...

Marysienka said...

yea i got the furry thing hehe.
I know a few ppl at school who has/had anorexia. for some reason, it doesnt impress me... kinda goes with the personality of many medstudents. there were 2 anorexic girls in the same hospy room as me once, it was terrible :0/ i was glad to have my own thing and not theirs. eh.