Saturday, March 18, 2006

Subway City, Vodka, the Irish, Pizza and Cup of Tea

I just got back from a wicked night out!

I went to Subway City with my wonderful housemates, and got a wee bit pissed! (hehe I love vodka…) I say wee bit, what I actually mean is really very merry. There was much dancing to a fabbydoo mixture of indie/rock/punk and I had a loverly time. One housemate kept falling over, and is covered in black dirt form the dancefloor. She also nabbed someone’s green St Patrick’s Day wig (wooo for being a little bit Irish! My maternal grandfather to be precise).

We got pizza on the way home and my, it was good. Plus a cup of tea, and I am set up for a good nights sleep. Thank god I don’t have to be up in the morning!

I promise to do a proper blog entry this weekend, instead of random what I did today posts. Honest.

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