Saturday, April 01, 2006

Being myself for a change

I’ve been all by myself today. My housemates are both at home – their term finished last week, and so they’ve both gone home (one to Gloucester, one to Blackpool) for some time off. Not so for the medics! I do miss them being around, and I’m glad they’re not gone for too long. I tend to go a bit mental if left on my own for too long, you know, start talking to myself and stuff. I could never actually live alone, and have my own place. I’d end up driving myself mad. But it’s nice to occasionally have some time by myself, as it means I can do whatever I want, when I want.

So today, I stayed in my pjs til lunchtime, had the longest shower ever, pottered about tidying my room (it was covered in a fine layer of coloured paper and baby pictures due to paeds poster), went out on my bike, and finished up by doing some painting.

I went out on my bike because it’s been a fabulous spring day. The sun shone and even had some warmth in it (a first for this year!), the sky was eye-achingly blue, and everything seemed alive. Saw my first tree in blossom! Okay, so there were a few showers…but they were the short refreshing kind, and this is England. A day here is not complete without a precipitate of some kind falling from the sky.

I had my bike for Christmas this year. It’s nothing special, second hand, an ok sort of make, blue and silver. My Dad picked it up for £30 (his new bike cost more than 10 times that. Not that I’m complaining…much). There is one problem with this bike – it’s the largest size of ladies frame. I’m no short-arse (I’m 5’7½ ’’ – nearly 5’8’’ but not quite. Sigh) but even with the saddle as low as it can go, I’ve still got to jump to ride it. Which isn’t so good in Birmingham traffic. Put it this way, every taxi or van driver in Birmingham is out to get me. I swear. It isn’t great to be slightly offbalance and having to jump to get on your bike in busy traffic. I do think I’ll get better with this bike with a bit of practice, but today I just didn’t feel like toying with death, so I went along the tow path of Worchester and Birmingham Canal, between Bournville and the centre of town.

It was pretty good actually, bit puddley, some mud (most of which ended up all over me and my bike…). I like the tow path, because it’s flat and smooth, and there’s no traffic. You just fly along, minding the odd dog walker and Canadian goose (surely its time for them to bugger off home now?), and let your mind wander. It’s certainly done me the power of good.

I feel so much better – fresh air, exercise and a good think. Lovely. Back to the books tomorrow!

Ooo, and I finally got round to getting the acrylics out and having a play. Nothing serious, just a couple of studies for some ideas I have brewing. One is a study of Jenna’s kissing commission, which is practically there now, and one is the very beginning of a project that’s been fermenting in my brain for a while now. It’s going to be a series, based on the ‘elements’, which I am using as a very loose description – I’ve done some reading on it and I’m going with fire, air, earth and water as the basis of each of the four pictures. I’m going to portray them as women, as I’ve had lots of mother goddess ideas going on at the same time. Anyway, I spotted a photo of Charlize Theron in a pose I though could work for the fire element, so I had a go, using that as a reference. I like it, but it’s not right yet. I’ll get there though, there’s no hurry. It’s just lovely to be painting and being creative again.

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Marysienka said...

I live alone, and love it :-) But it's true that it's an easy way to go mental if you're prone to it. Like me ;-) but so far, so good. I chose to keep this apartment and stay alone again next year. I need my bubble. And my apart is my little castle :)

be careful with your bike, now that you know who really are the docs in town. and you certainly dont want your friends to treat you ;-P