Monday, April 17, 2006

Family Rows

I’m currently sitting watching the most beautiful sunset from my bedroom window. It’s all soft pinks and purples, behind the silhouettes of budding trees. A balm on my soul.

I had my first row since getting back with Mum this afternoon. Unfortunately, we’re a family of passionate, stubborn people (passionate from the Mediterranean side, stubborn from the Irish) and although we get on famously when we’re getting along, we row like a nasty bar brawl when we’re not. This argument started over something ridiculous, as ever, and escalated to violent door-slamming and copious swearing by the end.

And by gods my mother is pig headed. I know that my siblings and I share a bad trait - we have to work stuff out for ourselves and hate being shown anything. I realised today that definitely comes from our mother. Jeez, but she was difficult. And she doesn’t listen when you try to reconcile with her.

So I gave up in the end, and took refuge in my room, with some music. All my decent piano music is in Birmingham, so I nicked my brother’s acoustic guitar and tried to remember every song I’d ever learnt.

Now my left fingers are very sore. And I hope my mother hasn’t poisoned my dinner.

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