Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm waaay too cool

Ooo, I am looking good tonight. It’s very cold in our house – due to the lack of cloud cover the nights are freezing, but hey, I’m willing to swap that for the days of Mediterranean skies and glorious sunshine – and I’m currently in bed, wearing socks and a woolly jumper over my pjs, wrapped in a duvet and fleecy blanket. And I’m dunking my biscuits in my tea. Once I’ve finished this, I’m going back to watching the Two Towers. It’s escapism from OSCE stress! I’m working my way bit by bit through the extended versions of the films, and it’s a lovely way to just switch off.

<>I started to write some more on fantasy and pigeon-holing people but the post got a little out of hand, and I got very tired, so I'll have to finish it tomorrow. Or Thursday, as tomorrow i'll possibly be going a wee bit crazy.

And I’m eating a bag of those damn sweets again.

OSCE in 41 hours.... argh!

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