Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ah, I had such a lovely weekend.

It was a long weekend, the second of the May Bank holidays, and my mate Jenna’s 21st birthday. Her parents threw a party for her on her actual birthday, the Sunday, and I was invited. Only thing being, Jen lives near Sheffield. And I live in Sussex. To complicate matters, I arranged a concert for Saturday night. In Birmingham.

So it was the weekend of much travel.

The concert in Birmingham on Saturday night was a small one, more of a recital really. Felicity, my friend and the organist at our church, St Andrew’s, is raising money for the Poplars Church volunteer work in Romania. She was hoping to go out there this summer, but her plans were thwarted at the last minute. We performed solos and duets, and took turns in accompanying (which means I accompanied Felicity’s solos badly, and she played for all the duets!). The program was a mix of show songs, swing standards, and a few pieces we just liked. My favourite was one of the latter, a song called ‘May it be’, written by Enya for the Fellowship of the Ring. It’s a really haunting, soft, shivers down the spine kind of song, and I knew I’d pulled it off when there was complete silence after I’d finished, for a still moment, before the audience applauded. It was magical. A few people had closed their eyes during the song, but I’m never sure if they’re enjoying it or hating it when they do that!

We also raised around £150, which I was soooo thrilled about. St Andrew’s is not in an affluent area, but the people there are so incredibly generous. Not just with money, but with time, and their kindness and friendship. I have never felt so accepted in a place.

Sunday I travelled up to Sheffield, for Jenna’s birthday party. And it was a wonderful day. Me, Mirabelle and Charlotte were the only friends of Jen’s there, the rest were family. But I’m from a big family (my rents are both one of 4, and I have 13 cousins…) so I was in my element. Jen’s parents had put together a delicious barbeque and buffet combo, and I just had godd clean old fashioned fun.

Staying the night was also pretty exciting – the 4 of us ‘girls’ shared two singles, topping and tailing. W hich caused much giggling, like being 10 years old at a sleep-over!

The journey back yesterday was fairly arduous – long, dull, busy trains. And I had to get three of ‘em. But I’m home, now and back to the work…

Currently watching: The X Factor: Battle of the Stars. My, its so damn good. I am ridiculously, annoyingly critical ofall the singing, and I love it. I want Moylesey or Matt Stevens to win. And Loos and Hewitt OUT NOW.

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