Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And now there is five

She had them!

After a couple of days being off her food, and intermittently nesting, Lucy (our cat) went into labour at 6pm. She delivered 4 kittens, all looking grotesque for their first 10 minutes, then becoming progressively cuter. I had to cut the cord for number four as Lucy was just so knackered.

The first little one is black, the second black and fat, and the third has a cool white stripe over his face and forehead, that looks gingery at the edges. And number four… well he’s a feisty little one. He was the one she didn’t have the strength to clean properly, and I cut his cord. He’s littler than the others, but damn strong. He burrowed right in to get a teat. So we’ve named him ‘Commando’, and the one with the stripe ‘Flash Gordon’. The other two are Fatso and Numero Uno

Obviously we’ll pick better names when we know what sex they are, and what they’re like as cats. We’re keeping one, and we’d all like a boy kitten. The names on the table are Angus, Flynn, and Attila. I personally LOVE Attila, but we’ll see.

O, and its my little brother’s 19th birthday today, so very well timed by Lucy!

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