Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh dear...

Ah, the joys of being at home. Dinners cooked, washing done, new job starts tomorrow…What, tomorrow? I have to go to work? Rubbish.

I am not looking forward to 4 weeks of 9 to 5. Not at all.

Currently listening to: Micamac - Breton folk influenced by South American music. Seriously summery.

(Need a laugh? Take a peek at this or if you've the time, go see Confetti)


Marysienka said...

lol the jesus video!!
how did your work on religion go finally?
And where do you work?

Anna said...

i love having a music tech student brother who spends hours surfing crazy web things and sends me the best!

the religion work hasn't strted yet...oops....

i'm working as admin in the physiodept at my local hosp. tis boring but they're paying me, so bovvered!