Sunday, May 07, 2006


Ah, my housemate had a very lovely 21st birthday. There was curry, birthday cake, drinking, dancing, and keeping me awake til 4.30am smoking weed in our living room… the joys of communal student living! I’d had a great night out, come home and gone to bed (I was getting up early for church, my other housemate for work) and then the birthday girl brought home her very loud druggy friends. I don’t fit in with them at all – they’re rude and obnoxious, and think doing drugs is coooooool. I don’t. At least last night wasn’t a coke or ecstasy or ketamine night… I can cope with weed, though I HATE it in the house. I didn’t feel like arguing with them at 3am though!

Tomorrow is results day. I am very very scared. This feels so much bigger than usual, but strange too. We used to collect our results at the Medschool, reading them off a big board. Results were listing by student id number, so it was mostly anonymised. There were the odd freaks who knew other peoples’ numbers but they’re few and far between, and certainly no-one cares enough to memorise mine! I’m usually Miss Average, and I’ll tell anyone who asks what I got. Why hide it?

However this year, due the data protection act, we have to receive our results my email. So I’m going to be checking all day, without a definite time. It’s very nerve wracking. At least I can sit in my room and cry about it before facing anyone. That’s a plus.

I really don’t want to have failed. It will screw up my summer job, and also probably cause me permanent damage from stress. I will be really gutted if I fail Integrated Medicine and Surgery, but I have no idea how I’ve done in Clinical Sciences. The exam was such a nightmare I just don’t know how I did.

I have my fingers crossed…

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Marysienka said...

ketamine, really? wow...
i hate weed, it stinks!

Good luck with your results! We have ours listed on the wailing wall, not in ID order so you gotta look at the 3 or 4 sheets carefully and of course, you have time to do a vasovagal syncope before you find your stupid 8-number ID ;)
Have a good week :)