Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad House Karma

Why do I have such bad house karma?

Is it because I grew up in a beautiful house my parents built and only ever knew that one comfortable home?
I hope not. I hope it’s so I’m due a huge whack of good house karma when I come to building my own house. I have lots of ideas and images brewing in my head for it… all I know for sure is that it will be full of light, and have a private study for me, and a dedicated craft room for art and projects with my children. Maybe it’s also so I am totally ready when I do build my house to know exactly what I need most, to make it the perfect home.

I’m whinging on about this because we’re just moved into a new house. It’s owned by Mirabelle’s parents, and I had only seen it once, about a year ago, before we went in on Wednesday night. I thought it alright when I saw it, and Mirabelle told me her rents were going to do lots more work on it, to continually improve it.

It is now obvious that they haven’t.

To cap it all, I have drawn the short straw and got the piddling room, with no desk and no wardrobe. This is worrying to a 4th year med student.

However, my own parents had planned to come up tomorrow and move the piano. So they are going to help me sort this room, by building a desk and probably getting a wardrobe. I am so grateful for parents who care about where I live.

The neglect is universal. Mirabelle’s room is probably the shabbiest in the house. But my God, how could you let your own child live is such a mess?

I haven’t lived in a really nice house since being in Bham, but at least the rent’s been cheap. This year’s rent is the steepest so far, but I don’t think I am getting anymore for my money. But it is Mirabelle’s parents who have set the rent, and how could I say no? She is my best friend and we’ve been planning on living together in the 4th year since the 1st year.

So all in all a bloody awkward situation.

(made more awkward as I think Mirabelle may have seen my blog when I was posting in her room. Which is weird. I have never written this for my friends to see, but equally I have never written this not to be seen by my friends (if that makes any sense whatsoever...). So if she does read this, I hope she doesn’t take offence.)

PS I am in the Medschool, literally just finished working, at 6.10pm on a Friday night. The computer cluster is completely empty. It’s utterly bizarre. And I am utterly sad)

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