Sunday, June 25, 2006

I don't like the football

It’s the football distracting everyone this afternoon, so I have some peace to post. I am very ambivalent about the footie. I mean, I want England to win the World Cup, but I can see that we won’t. I’ve not watched a match so far, but I probably will watch the quarter finals and up if we get there. The huge media coverage has not fired me up – it’s done the opposite, and made me loathe football and wish the damn competition was over. Every morning before going to work I’d had to watch this damn physio give an update on Wayne Rooney’s metatarsal. Like I care!

Anyway, moving on, I’ve had an okay first week. I am definitely certain that I am not ophthalmologist material, after watching a cataract op. Fascinating, clever, life-changing, but urgh….. Eyes and scalpels…. The first academic in day (known as AIDS – well done Medschool, that works well…) was excruciatingly dull. A full day of lectures on diabetes is not my cup of tea.

I went to a friend’s 21st in a Leamington Spa yesterday. Really good fun – even if her dad did insist on team games. Yes, team games at a 21st. Actually, it was okay - they’d hired sumo suits and gladiator battling thingys and it was a laugh. Even if I ended up going in the sumo against a friend of the birthday girl’s from home, who’s currently in the Army. Yes, the ARMY. He actually picked me up and threw me. No-one has done that since I was about 5. After the games, we stayed up late drinking cider and toasting marshmallows round the fire, and it was good.

But this morning I had to get back to Brum to play in a church service. I’d slept on the floor for about 3 ½ hours, so was exhausted, and then the train I thought I was getting was cancelled. But luckily Kerry was an absolute angel and got up and drove me at 8am this morning. So I was in time for church, I played the hymns (badly), and I got paid. Woot!

I have just read this back and I think that it’s the tiredness that’s making me so rubbish today. At least I hope it is…

PS We’re moving out of this house and into the actual actual house one evening next week. So I will be completely sans net at home, and not sure if I’ll be in medschool. So who knows with the posting?


Marysienka said...

I'm 0 in football (football?? Soccer!) so lets pass it.

I agree with you, eyes and scalpels (or even laser for that matter hehe)... eeew. no way ophta is for me. I have it next fall. yuck.
I hope you have some fun in your placement... EDEN (is that it?) wouldn't be my favorite place. old people, diabetes (omg endocrine!!!) and neurology = hide under the bed. Let me know how it is!
Well, hope you get your internet back soon!!

Anna said...

it is football. we invented it and we called it football.

rant over (just one of the many things about american/canadian english that annoys me - its a pavement people, and rubbish, not trash)i am glad you are not down witht footie. everywhere i go people are talking about the football!

EDEN is sooooooooooooo dull. i am desperate to do musculoskeletal (comprising orthpaedics, rheumatology and trauma) but dont have that til the last block in march. dammit. something to look forward to i suppose...

Marysienka said...

I gotta say, I die for british accents tho ;)

Ugh I was sure EDEN would be boring... good luck!!