Sunday, June 18, 2006

oooo quick quick

(Got me five minutes on here to post! woooot! As soon as Mirabelle comes in, I'm posting and then shutting down. Because she, like all my friends, has no idea about my blog. So it might only be half done... I'm warning you...)

So had my last night out with my old housemates. I really am going to miss them. We went to Subway City, with some of Becca's friends, and had much fun. Bopping up and down and drinking too much. And now its over. 'We' are no more.

I've been thinking about each of them, and what I'll miss. With housemate number 1, I'll miss her bizaare sense of humour, her sense of fun, her terrible taste in men, her decadent taste in fashion mags (no more elle or vogue for me!), and her wide screen telly. I won't miss her selfishness and laziness. Housemate number 2 - well, I will miss her grubbiness, her random hours, her stories of all night parties, her flirting (she doesn't know she's doing it - its comedy). She's the only women I've ever felt any sexual tension with, but I think that's cause she extudes sexuality. Everyone is caught in it. I won't miss her vile hangovers and terrible mood swings, her fag ends across the garden, and the choking whiffs of cigarettes she brings with her.

I may have whinged about them, but I have enjoyed living with them, and never being self-conscious with them.

With the whole sexual tension thing going on with my housemate on Friday, I eas wondering if I'd ever go for a women. I mean, I've kissed women before, on the lips and on one memorable occasion with tongues (yeah that was the aforementioned housemate), and loads of 'dirty' dancing with women, but its always been as a display. You know, because men look. And so I realised that my lipstick lesbianism is actually completely hetrosexual, and although I can appreciate a beautiful sexy women, she doesn't actually do it for me. This was compounded by watching Imagine Me And You at the cinema. The lesbians in that did nothing for me. And I mean nothing. Not arousal or disgust. Nothing.

Oops, here's Mirabelle, gotta go!

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