Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Regrets and Essays

I’m on the train home.

Yeah, I gave in and decided to stop whinging and go home to see if it would cheer me up. And if worst comes to worst, at least I can cuddle a kitten.

I went to see the Magic Flute at the University last night, and my, it was goooooood. I really enjoyed myself (despite the fact Tamino was played by a professional drafted in…). My singing teacher was in it and she was ace. It brought back lots of memories from a few years ago when I sang it the chorus. My dad was also singing in the chorus, the first time he’d sung in front of anyone in his life! I’d been offered the part my singing teacher sang last night (first boy) but opted out, due to exam pressure. The second big regret in my life.

(The first was not taking Art at AS level. Is two regrets a lot or a little aged 21?)

I also broke the 1000 word barrier on my FGM essay today. Very exciting! I’m really getting into now, really enjoying it. I also read through Mirabelle’s Bioterrorism: Smallpox essay.

How do you tell your very best friend in the world that she really sucks at writing?

In the main, its okay, but I’ve highlighted a good chunk as super sucky. And it just doesn’t have style. You know what I mean? It reads like she wrote if for GCSE. Now our Mirabelle is bright as a button (dur, med student) and one of the most emotionally strong people I know, but she just can’t translate that to paper. Me, I’m the opposite. Quite often tongue-tied in real life, always articulate on paper (at least I think so….).

So who’s the worst off? Me or her? In this job, I think both of us at some point. Her right now, because she has to write intelligent, coherent stuff to pass. Or me right now, as I have to talk to lots of new people everyday (though I am slowly developing a ‘doctor’ persona, in which role I can easily converse with patients – its just its not always in place, and things going wrong can cause it to slip). Her later in life, when writing papers and reports becomes important to further ones career. Or me later in life, when networking and job interviews are important to further ones career.

I tell you, wouldn’t it be great to be good at everything?!

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