Saturday, July 15, 2006

Having a good time

I went out with the girls last night. It was fun. We dressed up (heels and lippy!) and went to a bar in Brindley Place. It was really nice just to go out, have a few drinks, have a dance, get a burger on the way home (mmmmmmm). And then have a really long-in the next morning!

I also went out on Wednesday night. It was quiet drink at our local for a hospital social, that turned into a night out at Snobs, the dirtiest nightclub in Birmingham™. About 10 of us rocked up to the pub, and then 5 went on to Snobs. Pretty quickly 1 of the guys got chucked out – though absolutely no fault of his own, though I wouldn’t go into it. And his mate went with him, so it ended up as me and my 2 firm buddies – Laura and Tom. But it worked out really weel, and ended up being a fab night. Snobs is the kind of place playing fairly mainstream rock/indie type music, not really Laura’s thing at all, but she went for it with a vengeance. Both Tom and I were in our element (and yes, he is the one I have a crush on. I haven’t even worked out why yet), loving all the music. It was absolutely packed though – full of kids who’ve finished exams. Not just A-level students, but AS and GCSEs, as the club bouncers were studiously not ID-ing. Some of the kids in there looked so young. I’m sure the police would have been forced to close them if they’d been there that night. One boy (who didn’t even look 16) gave me the come on, and I was absolutely horrified. I am so old these days its untrue.

All in all though it’s been a good week. Slightly lacking in the work front, so that will need major rectification tomorrow. Sigh.

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