Sunday, July 23, 2006

In Review

Due to my long absence, I’m giving you this week in review:

Cold showers: 10

Times when I’ve whinged ‘I’m too hot’: 3782

Phone calls on Telewest landline: 0

Irate phone calls to Telewest to sort our service: 3

Minutes spent on hold with Telewest: 20

Teaching sessions cancelled: 4 (out of 3 days in hospital…)

Bleeps to unavailable doctors: 36

Bleeps to our student bleep: 2 (very very very exciting!)

Units of alcohol consumed on Friday night: 10

Hours spent dancing with hospital buddies on Friday night: too many!

Lists of ‘things to do’: 3

Completed items on things to do lists: 0

Crushes on fellow medical students: 1

Presentations written on aetiology of Diabetes Mellitus and metabolic syndrome: 1

Hours spent not listening at GP day on Diabetes: 7.5

Charcoal barbecues in our garden successfully lit: 0

Emergency disposable barbecues bought at 9pm so we could eat before bedtime: 1

Walks in the park in the pouring rain: 1

Housemate’s grandparents with fatal strokes: 1

Currently singing: ‘Break down the walls’ by Paul Brain, a Northumbrian Community hymn/song, with a deliciously simple and melodic tune. Nice words too – here’s the chorus:

Break down the walls I have built, keeping you distant,

See through the smile that I wear when we meet.

Break through the pride that hides the truth of my condition.

Break down the walls around my heart, make me real.

I think it sums up what we’re all looking for. Someone with whom we can be completely ourselves, and never even think about how to be enough. Because just being is enough.

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