Monday, July 10, 2006

Surprising Myself

I went home for the weekend, and it was good.

Mirabelle came too, mainly to see the kittens. They are soooo cute. And so much fun to play with and cuddle.

Isn’t it weird how most people are either a dog or cat person? Ok, so I admit there are the rare oddities who are both, but they are rare. I always wanted to be a dog person, because I think there are so many negative connotations to being a cat person. The tidy and clean thing, the lack of time for a pet, the deliberate choice of a pet who is selective with affection. But these re also things I love about cats - they are tidy and clean, they don’t take up to much of your time, they are usually fairly undemanding but can be incredibly affectionate. All in all, they suit me and I suit them. I will never be a dog person – they make your house smell of dog, they need constant attention and care, they slobber.

You know, I’ve always thought I could be a dog person, but it has just dawned on me that I will not. Even if I have a dog, I will still be a cat person inside.

I like writing a blog and getting to know myself better. And I still find that I am constantly surprising myself – everytime I think I understand me, I go and do something totally unexpected.

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