Thursday, August 10, 2006

I like it

Haematology is pretty good you know. Nice straight forward basics, with gut wrenchingly complicated higher stuff. I attended a meeting of 3 Haematology firms this morning, a kind of patient review, and it pretty much all went over my head. But the ward round after was really good.

It’s the firm I’m attached to that’s made the difference. They are warm, friendly, good teachers, non-threatening and inclusive. The firm is headed by Prof Stone, with Dr Murphy, both consultants. Then there’s Nick, the SpR, with Kay, who’s a Reg, and Hannah the new house officer. She started last week, after graduating from Birmingham a few months ago.

<>The teaching I’m getting is great. I get asked stuff, but it a manner that I can have a go, and not be scared I’m going to get shot down (not like Dr Smooth– scroll to entry at the bottom!). And it’s really caught my interest. I am finding this firm fascinating. It just goes to show that medicine is all about the team. By yourself, medicine can be overwhelming. With a supportive team, it’s an exciting challenge.

Currently listening to: The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home. I love the tracks ‘Sewn’ and ‘Fill My Little World’. Cute and happy.

PS Need a laugh? Watch this. Ah, the joys of having a slacker bro who has time to find these things on the internet


Marysienka said...

hem/onc interests me a lot. too bad we're not getting that subject before the third yr. right now im doing "basic" medicine at the clinic and its a bit boring. you know, ppl coming for their annual physical exam... my brain needs to work, and I wish i was working in team. i agree with you that team work in medicine is the best! anyways. how long will you be in this firm? I hope you get lots of fun this time (after EDEN, it wont be too hard, right? hehe!)!

Anna said...

yay for a wicked team! the SpR brought me tea and choccy biccies in clinic the other day. i felt special.

basic medicine - is that our general practice? primary care stuff? yeah, it does get a bit wearing. i always thought i'd be a gp, but now i think i'd be so BORED.