Sunday, August 06, 2006

Playing Golf - well, trying

I played golf today, for the first time ever in my life. Well, when I say played…we went to the driving range and each hit a bucket of golf balls. My natural sporting aptitude is fairly low, but anything requiring minimal skill and a dollop of brute force I’m not so terrible at. So I wasn’t so terrible at the driving range, and actually surprised myself by having a really good time.

And it was a nice bunch of people I went with. Fahrat, one of the girls I was on mylast placement with, has decided to get us all together by organising us to do stuff. She intercalated last year (took a year out from medicine to complete a BMedSci degree), and so has dropped down into our year, where she doesn’t no many people. Therefore, she’s keen to consolidate new friendships. After coming out on some hospital socials with us - me, Tom and Laura, the three musketeers – she organised the four of us to play tennis. We were decidedly rubbish, but it was a laugh. Then she organised a trip to the Jam House, with some of her 5th year mates. It was a fantastic night out, despite the fact Fahrat and her mates did not dance. Today it was basically the main four – me, Fahrat, Tom and Laura – plus a few 5th years, and another 4th year guy. It was good fun, and nice to meet new people.

After golf, we headed to the pub for some food. And Tom and I made the shocking discovery that we probably are hardened alcoholics, at least compared to this lot. We both got alcoholic drinks – him, lager, me Pimms. Why? Because we like ‘em. The rest? Coke, lemonade and tap water. In a pub. On a Sunday evening. With dinner.

Ye Gods.

Anyway, we didn’t fancy anything off the pudding menu, butwewanted pudding, so headed to Frankie and Benny’s for pudding. I had cinnamon waffles. Mmmm.

Then the stragglers cameback to my house, and we watched Van Helsing, howlingwith laughter at the terrible overacting, crap dialogue and generally delicious campness of it. And of course, I lusted over Hugh Jackman. Ah, Hugh, my love.

And now I am knackered. At least its an AID (academic in day) tomorrow, so no fears about being shown up as a complete idiot. That’s for Wednesday, when placement proper begins.