Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random thoughts on a train journey

We’ve on an ‘elective planning’ week at the moment. Despite stern emails from our year tutor that it is NOT a holiday week, we’re all treating it as such. I’ve been home for a few days, and just chilled. Slept in, watched films, played the piano, napped some more, played with our one remaining kitten (now named Phoebe, to go with Lucy, her mum) and done none of the things I was supposed to. I think I needed a battery recharge. No, I think I deserved a battery recharge. And now I am ready to get back to it.

The 1st block of the 4th year is officially over. I have passed EDEN (eyes, diabetes, elderly care and neurology). Do I feel confident in any of these topics? Hell no. I am feeling very inadequate, and a little terrified of my next placement. Its oncology, at the huge tertiary care hospital attached to the Medschool. A hospital full of clever professors and hard working doctors who want to be professors. So, just like me then! Seriously though, I know bugger all about oncology. I think I will have to peruse the oncology sections of Medicine at a Glance and the Oxford Handbook. Both of which are highly necessary for clinical med students!

I got my hair cut while at home. I’m generally low maintenance as far as hair goes, being blessed with naturally compliant follicles. I wear it up for ‘work’ situations, and down – either straight or curly – for ‘going out’. I had left it to grow since the last cut, which was Feb/March time, but it was getting a bit ridiculous – long enough for the tips to brush the small of my back. Looooooooong. So I merrily tell the hairdresser to cut 5 inches off the bottom, and off she goes. It was only as she was doing this I realised that cutting 5 inches off the shortest layers would bring them up to my chin. I am actually a bit gutted about it right now. I miss its length and weight. It was also very striking, having hair that long. Now I feel a bit ordinary. Ah well, it’ll grow back in the end.

I was browsing a selection of blogs and read this. So I though I’d do the same – take my close friends and tell you what I admire most about them.

1. Mirabelle: her compassion. She’s an incredibly strong person, and is always there for friends in need. I wish I could be as selflessly giving as she is.

2. Jenna: her ability to strike up a conversation anywhere, anytime. She’s so friendly and warm, and could engage anyone in conversation. As she frequently does.

3. Sally: her confidence in herself. She doesn’t care what the world thinks of her, she’ll like her own music, her own clothes, her own bizarre take on the world. And be goddamn happy about it.

4. Di: her hard-working attitude. She works so hard and makes sacrifices to achieve top grades. I’m hoping some of her work ethic will rub off on me this year…

5. Elsa (ex-housemate): her spontaneity and ability to turn anything into a party. I love the fact that so many times she’s persuaded me to do slightly off the wall things that have turned into some of my best experiences. And some of the worst…but she approaches them just the same!

6. Felicity: her dedication and hard work to causes dear to her heat, but always for others. She always makes me feel incredibly lazy and selfish.

(I wrote this on a packed train from Reading to Birmingham. Which I think accounts for the erratic nature...)