Sunday, September 03, 2006

25 Long Years

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend. The actual anniversary isn’t until 10th October, but they thought the first weekend in September would have better weather.

Well, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Personally, I think it was fate. The original event was rained out, and then it piddled down at the 25th wedding anniversary party.

It was supposed to be a beautiful garden party, but instead it was slightly damp inside party with guests nipping between the house and the marquee in the garden. But the food was fabulous (thanks to some great local caterers and my Mum’s ace puddings), the drink was freely flowing, and the guests were the loveliest people my rents know.

Some very dear family friends came to stay, bringing their youngest son, who was my little brother’s best friend from the age of 3 until they moved away when he was 10. I’ve seen them sporadically since, but I hadn’t seen him for about 4 years. He’s now 20, and so grown up. Still acts like another younger brother though! Funny how some things never change, however old you get.

My cousins Helen and Lisa were also there, from my Mum’s side of the family. We’re really close to them, and Helen, who’s 17, kept us royally entertained getting steadily more pissed as the night wore on… She’s planning her next visit to Birmingham to go out with me in her school half term holiday. Birmingham should start preparing!

Our other cousins, on Dad’s side, are mostly very pretentious, and I always think they consider themselves are better than us. They treat me as the geeky unfortunate younger cousin. And I always feel slightly inadequate next to them. I truly have no reason to be. They went to private school, and have been to uni, graduated and got engaged/married. Nothing special, but I always feel as though I am behind. I’m still a student, I’m not even in a long term relationship, I don’t have money or posh friends… But I am bright, over halfway to being a doctor, a talented singer and average pianist, and I am socially well-adjusted.

They just always make me feel like a deprived child they’re being nice to out of pity.

But it was a truly great party, and so nice to see so many family friends who I haven’t seen in ages. Everyone wanted to know how I was doing, and what I want to do when I’m finished, and wished me well for the future.

Currently watching: the rolling English countryside from the train window. Today has been the most beautiful afternoon – clear blue skies, with that slow slanted sunlight you only get in late summer. And now an almost full moon has risen in the evening sky, settled on a bed of soft lavender clouds. I could never leave my country: its changing skies and rolling hills are too close to the heart of me. But the feeling is a little bittersweet. The slanted light, the start of September, the evenings drawing in; Autumn is so close I can taste it.

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