Friday, December 01, 2006

Shoot me now

I wrote 800 words of my protocol for my elective this afternoon. It was a struggle. I came back to it this evening and my blasted laptop has no recollection of it. None what so ever. In my current fragile state, this reduced me to tears. I have to write the whole sodding thing again. The whole thing. I was sure I had saved it, but I probably did something totally idiotic and got rid of it.

Why am I such a fuck-up at the moment?


Marysienka said...

omg I am so sorry! I would have had a breakdown for sure it happened to me. Like you really needed that right now...
Good luck :-/

Anna said...

thanks! i managed to getit re-written during somefree time on friday afternoon, and tomorrow I am handing the thing in. hurrah!