Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh no, here comes Cardio...

Start of block tomorrow... I'm on CRU which is cardio-renal-urology. I'm really scared. One: I have to get there alone, on public transport: 2 trains and then 2 buses. Ah the joys. Two: I hate cardiology, it ain't too fond of me, and cardiologists can spot me a mile off.

I thought nothing could be worse than psych. I really hope I'm right.

Wish me luck!

PS I'm sorry for yesterday's doom and gloom post. I was feeling sorry for myself, and venting it here always makes me feel soooo much better. I really am quite happy in real life, but getting a little tipsy and spending only half of NYE with the person you wish was yours is not a recipe conducive to perky posts. O, and I am saving my 'round up of the year' post for the birthday post of this blog, which is rapidly approaching!


Marysienka said...

hey I thought yesterday's post really had its place. 1st off, because I feel the same (haha!) and second, the purpose of a blog is to let our thoughts go (at least for most of us bloggers out there). And well, there's nothing like an authentic blog. That's why I rarely read a post right away when I'm done writing it (not good for typo's and language mistakes, but anyway). I want to remember exactly how I felt when I wrote that entry. :)

Best of luck with cardio. I hate cardio with a passion. Ugh...
Uro is fine, renal looks cool :) I'm sure it won't be worse than psych... really!

Anna said...

Thanks. I think I agree on the whole letting go of thought, butI do sometimes wonder if giving them a life of their own on this thing is not such a good idea...!

Got 2 weeks of urology first. Which I am...undecided about. Hmmm. Def better than psych tho!