Thursday, January 25, 2007

Still a crazy week… Sometimes I wish I had Bernard’s watch, and could stop time until I had done all the things I wanted to – work, sleep, exercise, more sleep. But unfortunately life is not as simpleas children’s TV would have us believe, and even if I did actually have Bernard’s watch, I am quite sure people would soon notice. You’d have to be very careful how you used it. Maybe just for sleep – you could pretend to be one of those people who only need 4 hours sleep a night, but actually be getting 8 or 9. Hey…maybe there are no people who onlyneed 4 hours sleep… maybe they all have Bernard’s watch.

Anyway, I am currently still enjoying cardiology, which is fairly surprising. I am also enjoying a rather full social life, which is unsurprising, as I am the Life and Soul. Of anything and everything!

Currently reading: Cold Mountain, by Charles Frazier. Yeah, I know, took me long enough, but now I’m really enjoying it.

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