Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why hello

I went to my first ever football match today. I went because, well, I felt it would be an experience. After all, football is just about our national sport (although I associate ‘Englishness’ more with cricket in summer and rugby in winter), and I seem to be the only one with no great love for the game. So when asked to attend Wolverhampton – Oldham today at Wolverhampton’s ground, I said a tentative yes. Give it a go, I thought. If you hate it, its one afternoon of your life, and at least you'll know for sure.

As it turns out, I really quite enjoyed myself. Not sure it beats an afternoon’s shopping at the Bull Ring, but much better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Much better.

My favourite part was probably when the Wolves players came onto the pitch. Jeff Beck’s classic ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ was blasted out, and when it reached the chorus all the fans belted out ‘Hi Ho WOLVER’AMPTON!’ and I nearly died laughing.

This evening, my mum dropped in on her way home from Stafford, where she had been installing my brother for the term – including cleaning the bathroom and the fridge (the thought makes me shudder). Then me and the housemates went on mass to the cinema, to see Miss Potter. My review? Very sweet and a little silly, but in a very quaint English sort of way.

So all in all a thoroughly good day.

PS Feeling absolutely delightful now, thanks guys!

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