Thursday, March 29, 2007

Disjointed Rambling

Me again! You lucky devils…

Today has been spent avoiding revising, which is bad when you are so lacking in clues as I am. I am scared about these exams now. Terrified in fact.

And revising has not been helped by going t’pub for lunch with nearly all my housemates. A lovely time was had by all, but another 2 hours lost…

My parents, brother and sister flew to New Zealand today. Alright for some eh! I would be extremely jealous, but am managing to hold it to very jealous as I am flying to Calgary in less than 3 weeks. I may keep mentioning the Canada thing. I am a little excited about it.

I am also very excited about the light evenings and the spring days! Everything is so much brighter, but the sunshine is again calling me out to play, while I sit inside and try and learn something.

Argh. Writing is like getting blood out a stone. Only more painful as the stone is my head. I will try to get better, I promise.

Currently listening to: The Fray - How to save a life. Still undecided about them. Pleasant enough I guess. Not sure it's going to be a love affair. Not like The Feeling - I have just booked to go see them do an open air gig at Cannock Chase! Yay!

O and this tickled my fancy this afternoon! Teehee!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I’ve been thinking about his for a long time.

For a while, life has been so busy I’ve barely had chance to draw breath, let alone post here. And after being away for so long, coming back seemed weird. But for the last few weeks (!) I’ve started to have ideas for great posts, and have started to want to come back.

So here I am. I’m going to write again, and see how it goes, but it may not be forever. Argh! I’m sorry, I thought I knew what I would say before I started, but I now I see that possibly I don’t have a clue.

Ha! That’s probably the truest thing I’ve ever written.

Before I carry on as before, here are the big events you have missed:

1. I am going to Canada for 6 weeks to do my elective in palliative medicine, from April 17th to May 29th. I have a 4 week placement in Toronto, with a hospice in the middle, and we’re spending the first in Calgary, and the last week bumming around Toronto or possibly doing a flit to New York. I’m terrified and thrilled. I have never travelled out of Europe, so that’s a big thing. I’m going away with two very close friends, my housemates Di and Mirabelle, which will be fantastic. I have no idea what the placement will be like, which is scary.

2. I have finished all the clinical placements for 4th year. And yes, the last block was most definitely the best. Musculoskeletal was brilliant! I loved fracture clinic, I loved Rheumatology, I loved orthopaedic surgery… I actually ended up have a long chat with my favourite consultant about becoming an orthopod. He was extremely helpful, but did convince me that it wasn’t right for me. Much as I love the mechanics of the whole thing (oooo power tools, x-rays, bones!), I want to have a life. I want to be able to work part itme, to have maternity leave, to have free time when I can paint and sing. Orthopaedics would mean giving all of that up. In all honesty, I am beginning to swing back towards general practice…

3. I have signed up to the Race for Life in Sutton Park. It’s 5km. Which at the moment is not achievable. So I have to grit my teeth and get running.

4. I have not ended my ridiculous crush on Tom. Sigh. It’s the whole friends thing that’s causing me difficulties right now – if we weren’t friends I would have forgotten him by now. I am however cultivating a wholly inappropriate crush on a lovely lad from the medic’s choir, and that’s providing a delicious distraction. And of course the yummy orthopods I’ve been spending all my days with!

And that concludes the update. I hope to be back here most shortly…