Monday, April 02, 2007

2 down, 1 to go...

O dear. Today was the first exam – MCQ on CRU (cardio-renal-urology), EDEN (elderly care, diabetes, eyes, neurology) and CBM (community based medicine ie general practice).

It was horrendous. I hope that I’ve passed EDEN and CBM, but God only knows how I did on CRU. Most of the stuff I didn’t have a blithering clue about.

I also had a poster presentation to do in the afternoon, which was surprisingly good. First, seeing your mini study all printed out shiny and big as an A1 poster is so exciting, and second it was very cool chatting to two consultants and them actually engaging with you, listening, and discussing, not teaching. It felt really good.

O, and I have finally spoken to my family in New Zealand – I have desperately missed having my mum at the end of the phone during revision stress, so it was great to have a little catch up. Although the 3 second delay on transmission is a little troublesome! And it is so weird to speak to them at 10.30pm Monday here, when its Tuesday morning there. Technology is a wondrous thing.

Currently eating: those shrimps and bananas again…

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Marysienka said...

You still have written exams? I don't think we do after 3rd yr.
I hope your mark isn't too bad ;)
It's good that you were able to talk to your family. NZ is literally at the end of the world!!!
have a good day!