Thursday, April 05, 2007

Made it!

Yay exams finished! Today’s was considerably less excruciating than Monday’s, but I make no predictions of passing or failing. I’ll wait til results day for that (4th May!).

I’ve had the most wonderful afternoon. Mirabelle and I went to the Birmingham Nature Centre, and had so much fun! I fell in love with the pygmy goats, and we also saw lemurs, otter, tortoises, owls, snakes, fish, rats, mice, big hairy spiders, meerkats, o, everything. Best £1.30 I've ever spent in Birmingham! Then we pottered into the park and lay on the grass reading and people-watching. It was a perfect afternoon.

I do feel lucky to have Mirabelle as a friend. I have never in my life had such a close friend. We are so happy in each others company, and I cannot imagine now not being friends with her. She keeps me sane! And I think I do the same for her…!

Anyway, exams are over, I had a wonderful afternoon with my best mate, and this evening we (a bunch of lovely people from my block) are all going to have dinner together at a great Chinese restaurant, then join the rest of our year at a pub and then got clubbing and get mightily merry! Woot!


We didn’t make it to the club. We were tired, and after a few drinks in the pub, drooped far too much to be dancing. So Mirabelle, Sylvia, Lily, Laura, Tom and I went to the all night supermarket and bought cream cakes then came back to our house for tea. It was lovely. Genuinely lovely.

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