Monday, April 16, 2007

One more sleep...

This is just a quick one, mainly to say I had a fabulous week in Skegness at Spring Harvest, and also that I love bloggers!

Spring Harvest was a fantastic experience, both spiritually and socially. I don’t think I am completely back on track with my faith, but I feel much better equipped to know what to tackle to get there. The music was also absolutely fabulous! And the social life…well, I don’t think we had one night in the chalet! There was a lot of socialising and a lot of drinking! Especially from the church elders, who then proceeded to discuss their sex lives in detail. I thought that was a student thing, and that my friends and I would one day graduate to more worldly and inspired topics, but no, it seems not. Nevermind eh, twas all good fun!

One good thing to have come out of this week is that I feel more in control again. Ah no, that’s the wrong phrase. I think that I feel less out of control. I don’t think I have ever felt totally in control of my life, but at the moment I feel as though whatever happens, I will make it through. Friends can be found in the most unlikely of places….

Places such as the internet. Thanks for your kind words of support Marysienka, Tall and MedNeo.

Anyway, I am all packed and ready to go at 9am tomorrow. I’m still scared, but it’s not the blind terror of before. It’s a tremulous wonderful frightening feeling, a feeling of fear and excitement all bundled up together. How I will ever sleep I do not know! But I must at least try, so I am signing off for now!

PS Have wireless internet in all my accommodation in Canada so will be updating regularly I hope! Next one from Calgary…..eeeek!


Marysienka said...

2 words: HAVE FUN!!!
This is a great opportunity that you have, so even if the medical side sucks for some reason (I hope you realize we still use shamans to heal people here?), well you still have a lot to discover about our country :-D
Good luck, and we're here, if you need anything!

(p.s. i was kidding, about the shamans... ;) )

med neophyte said...

I hope you had a good trip. Unfortunately it isn't very pleasant here this week. But you will be experiencing some typical Calgary weather.
Snow in mid-April !?!

Tall Medstudent said...

Hey, are you actually doing an elective in Calgary this week, or are you vacationing in Banff/Jasper?

Anna said...

holidaying in Calgary! we've been up the tower - wow with the views! and today we're off to banff. and yes, we brtis are extraordinarily excited about the snow in mid-april!

Tall Medstudent said...

Good, I'm glad that it snowed a bit today. :)

Banff is nice. Hope you make it up to Lake Louise. And, Peyto Lake, if you are heading up by there...