Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So, we all rotated round on Monday, and I started the second part of my first block – paediatrics. I hadn’t really thought about this block that much, having never really considered goings into paeds. I love children, but I don’t think I want to work with them. That said, my best job in the world ever was working as a team leader in at a holiday activity centre for 6 weeks one summer. I was in charge of the 6-7 year old boys, and it was an absolute riot! I had such a good time.

Maybe I’ll love paeds. Maybe I’ll be converted. I’m not really sure yet, because it’s Wednesday and I’ve only been able to see ONE patient. A very sweet 15 year old girl with some striking LMN signs, and a probable diagnosis (currently that is…) of CIDP. Hmm yes, very helpful to my future…!

Oh, and the weather is rubbish again. We had two weeks or so of pretty good stuff after the floods, and now its peeing down again. Sigh. I think summer is over, and it’s rain until next spring for us. The poor weather did produce the most wonderful rainbow though...

(That's my road. I live in a house exactly the same as all those you can see in the righthand row, just a bit out of shot. Sylvia, Mirabelle and I were on our way to the pub quiz... We lost again.)

Currently reading: just started East of the Mountains by David Guterson on the recommendation of my housemate Sylvia. Will keep you posted.


Marysienka said...

Well, if I was converted to anesthesia, it can happen to you for peds!
How come you saw only one kid after 3 days?!?
Cool pic, btw!

Anna said...

Hmmm I'll bear that in mind...!

As for only one kid, we had two whole days of induction lectures and practicals, most of which was just hanging around. Not fun. And then the nurses on our ward wouldn't let us students see patients without their parents being present. Er, what?!

Today was much better - some good musculoskeletal teaching and then a interesting neuro clinic.