Friday, August 24, 2007


Lily and I went shopping this afternoon.

We pottered about, and found ourselves in Selfridges, in Coast. Always dangerous territory - they have the most fabulous little dresses, that are waaaaaay out of the student budget. Lily spotted the most gorgeous little plum satin number, and a sweet black and white dress, and disappeared into the changing room. I, with tired feet, collapsed on a stool outside to wait the fashion show.

Dress number 1 (plum number) looked stunning. And was in the sale. Practically a bargain, 50% off, down to £110 (!). Dress number 2 (black and white), not so good, not such a bargain, and the zip was a bit tricky. So tricky I'd had to help. Easy choice - the plum dress.

So Lily gets out of the black and white one while I hang the plum one. Except that the zip starts to unpeel from the bottom up, and she can't get out the dress...

I go in the changing room, to try and force it back down. It won't go. Can Lily get it off without undoing the zip? Nope, because women go out at the top and the bottom and the dress was firmly wedged in the middle. I was in hysterics by this time, with Lily getting pinker and pinker and squeaking 'It's not bloody funny! Not bloody funny!'. After a frantic few minutes, we gave up and I fetched a sales assistant. She too had a good go (I don't think she believed our protestations of effort), but could neither fix nor force the zip.

The answer? Lily had to be cut out the dress. A beautiful dress costing £160.

Whoops indeed.


Marysienka said...

hahaha tooo funny! I would've died if that happened to me though :-P
For me, it's not with the clothes I go crazy money-wise... it's the food! I went to some *rather* pricey restaurants in BigCity... And I pay myself some good food when I go grocery shopping. So I guess I have to cut on clothes ;)

Anna said...

i totally agree. the money i spend on my weekly shop is the reason i was sat outside the changing room and not trying anything on... food is far more important to me than clothes!