Saturday, September 01, 2007

Acute Paeds

I've been very busy this week, but I've had a great time at the Children's, attached to the General Paediatric Team. They deal with the 'District General' cases presenting to the hospital, ie they're secondary care, nor tertiary care. I was on-call in A&E (Accident and Emergency Department, the NHS's ER) on Tuesday night, and had a very busy and interesting evening.

The most frightening case I saw was a 4 year old boy with respiratory arrest and prolonged fitting possibly due to lignocaince OD (not given in hospital!). He continued fitting on rectal Diazepam and 2 lots of IV Lorazepam, end intubated and on a infusion of Midazolam. I really thought that he was screwed – but 24 hours later he was causing havoc on the ward, running around in a hospital gown, flashing all and sundry! Thank God for the resilience of kids!

I’ve also been cuddling lots of babies this week, practicing my developmental exams. I love babies, especially the way their skin feels – so soft and delicate. It’s all new and perfect, with no age or sun damage. Like the inside of a new sweatshirt, but time and washing machines spoil that. Not that I’m suggesting you put your baby in a washing machine. Baths only for them please.

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Marysienka said...

Ahh yes, I'm always amazed at the resilience of kids. We don't find that much in adult care...
Lucky you for cuddling babies! Totally the kind of thing you like to practice :-D

Good luck with the report btw.