Monday, September 17, 2007

Having Fun In Paediatrics

Hmm, distinctly lacking on the medical based posting recently...

I met the sweetest little girl today, on the renal dialysis unit. I was shadowing the play specialist attached to the unit, and had been to see a couple of other patients, learning precisely nothing. This girl was 11 years old, with learning difficulties. Her speech was quite poor, but her understanding pretty good, and she was BORED. She wanted someone to keep her occupied for the 4 hours she was hooked up to the haemodialysis machine, and was making a lot of noise about it. For hour no 3, I was the designated entertainment. I grabbed some felt pens and colouring pictures, and pulled up a chair next to her and the haemodialysis machine. She chose a picture and a pen, and the fun began! She was only allowed to move her left arm, as the right was hooked up to all the tubes, so I was in charge of holding the paper steady and helping her take off and put back on the lids of the pens. And I wasn't exactly good at my job, which made her crow with delight. She picked the whackiest colours for everything, because her favourite colour was 'rainbow'. So everything had to have all the colours on at some point... Possibly she was just giving me maximum practice at pulling the lids on and off, who knows? I wouldn't have put in past her! It was definitely the most fun I've had in the children's hospital!

Currently eating: delicious cinnamony muffin from Tesco with apple, raspberry and sunflower and pumpkin seeds in. Mmmmmmm.


Marysienka said...

You should have given her some drawing tips, you're so good at it ;)
hemodialysis in a child must be awful! It complicates a life so much!

Anna said...

Dialysis is pretty bad at any age, but especially for little ones. A five year old boy cried because he knew he had to have the massive needle again. Very distressing :(.