Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm sitting in the medschool common room, supposedly revising, but in reality just to bored of it.

I hate revision. I hate exams. Well, I guess I don't hate written exams, and MCQs even less, but I passionately fear and loathe clinical exams. And next week I have TWO. A viva on my Obs and Gynae cases, and a OSCE in Paeds. It's going to be awful.

On a lighter note, aren't patients amazingly speical sometimes. I saw a mother and her 3 children, aged between 1 year and 6 years in A&E today. The place where you take very sick children, ie after an Accident, or in an Emergency, the clue being in the title. These 3 children has sore throats. No fever, no cold symptoms, just sore throats. The mother had brought them in because they hadn't got better since seeing their GP. I asked when she had taken them to see the GP.

'This morning,' she replied.



Marysienka said...

mouhahaha!! That's a good one ;)

We need boys in our choir as well, but we seem to have caught a few ones this year hehe. Hope it's the same for you!

Tall Medstudent said...

Ah, hehe, I like that.

med neophyte said...

Great story. I love how some patients think that just being in the presence of a DR will make them better. I wish there was such magic.