Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Filling in forms is not my forte

I've been trying to write a post about the stupid foundation programme applications for days now. But I cannot condense my myriad feelings enough to catch hold of them and pin them down.

And writing the answers to the stupid (insert expletive of choice) application form is sucking my brain out of my ears.

Fun fun fun time for us poor British final years.

(pssst want to know more about what I'm waffling on about? here's the official site

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Marysienka said...

Thanks for the link! Now I get it. It's different from here... So you don't have to choose a specialty right now, it's like, during your F2? Here, after your 5th year, you enter residency (our system goes like this: 3 yrs pre-clinical, 2 yrs clinical (you're called an "extern") and then 2 yrs of residency for GP and 5 yrs for specialties). How long is residency in UK?

I hate application forms, good luck with that!