Friday, November 16, 2007

Busy Busy Me

Apologies for sporadic posting of late - I'm coming to the end of my surgery block, and it's all got a wee bit busy!

I had a fantastic but packed week on the surgical admissions unit last week, and really felt as though I'm beginning to get a grip on the job I'll be doing next year (fingers crossed, touching wood). I clerked patients and helped formulate management plans, took a million tubes of blood, wrote imaging forms and ran them to radiolgy, discovered the location of the blood bank to (literally) run urgent cross matches to, put in venflons and catheters (not at the same time...!), and even attended a bit of teaching. Phew.

It was a fast paced week, where I spent every day in SAU from 8am til 6pm, but I learnt a huge amount. Not about pathophysiology or aetiology, but about common presentations and the management of surgical patients. Invaluable.

This week I have been suffering with grumbling ill health. Yuk. And an attachment to Urology. Double yuk.

Oh, and the bloody boiler has packed in, and may not be fixed til Monday. Sigh.

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