Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas take 1

Last night was our house Christmas meal, and it was spectacular. We had nibbly bits to start, then a mountain of roast chicken, roast potatoes and root vegetables, cabbage, stuffing, nut roast (two varieties!) and of course, sausages wrapped in bacon. Plus lashings of veggie gravy. Mmmmmm. Us being us, we followed it up with two separate pudding courses, a splendid chocolate torte made my yours truly and little tiny chocolate puds from M&S (the mini version of those delectable chocolate fondants from the very first of the iconic ads). The chocolate torte was a Delia recipe that is one of my mother’s standards. I’ve always loved it, and assumed it was tricky to make. It really wasn’t!

We rounded the whole thing off with a rather raucous game of Articulate. Raucous due to the consumption of several bottles of wine, some after dinner brandy and a few slugs of Bailey’s in coffees. Charades was also played, though it did become rather silly...

Oh, and there was Secret Santa-ing, and a rather brilliant present to the whole house from my dear mother, a tea towel reading thus:

I love it.

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