Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ooooo New Shoes

The unrivalled thrill of encasing your feet in brand new gleaming leather, every wriggle of your toes creating the delicious squeak of shop fresh joy. The pleasure of peeling the labels off the soles, and trying them on with skirts and trousers and skinny jeans and finally pyjamas. Of tying the laces over and over to decide which length of loop is just so. And mostly of all revelling in the perfect arch of the sole to the heel, forcing your willing foot into the most sexy curve ever created by man for woman.

Who needs Christmas cheer when they can have shoe boot perfection?


missbliss said...

I always think shoes and pyjamas looks weird :/

But otherwise I agree, I sit around the house with new shoes on whenever I get a new pair.

Anna said...

I'll admit, shoes and pyjamas is not a good fashion choice. But needs must where the devil drives... and I needed to wear those new shoes.

I'm wearing them again now.