Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I feel bad for my lack of posting of late...

My laptop died last week, which has been rather traumatic. Especially as the hard drive is probably bust and I may have lost everything on it. I'm rather upset - and cursing myself for not having backed up the important stuff. Including a wee project that was due in last Friday... Thankfully it wasn't a difficult project (critique of an existing patient info leaflet and writing our own) so I managed to knock another one together in time for the deadline!

However, what with a new placement and no laptop of my own, it's curtailed my late night internet forays somewhat, and so I have not been keeping up with my blog reading or writing. But I am fortunate to have the best most wonderfullest parents in the world, who have bought me a new one that's going to be ready to be collected at the weekend. I am going all the way home to do the collecting, approximately 320 mile round trip, but it'll be worth it. So worth it. And then I shall catch up on all my reading and maybe write some interesting posts on the things that have been swilling round my brain of late. Or not, as the case may be.

In other news, my new placement is 6 weeks of medicine at the large and dreaded hospital where I spent 12 weeks as a 3rd year hating every moment. The very place that drove me to start writing this blog... I'm attached to a general med/elderly care firm, and so far it's been ok. Not riveting, but not too dull. I've been writing out drug charts, doing TTOs and radiology forms, and being a very good general dogsbody. The firm also has 5 3rd years, and I quite like it. Not when they witness me getting a dressing down by the consultant for my utter lack of knowledge, but when they ask me questions I can actually answer! It does happen, I swear.

And finally, I submitted my job choices tonight, and I find out what I've got on 20th February. Not long, not long... I really want my first choice, it's an awesome rotation. But I'll be happy with any of the top 10, and if I don't get those, well, I'm fairly easily pleased. I'll find the bright side.


the little medic said...

I rememeber losing my laptop in the past, very sad times, especially when the hard drive died. If there is really important stuff on it there is a good chance it could be recovered but it might cost a bit.

It is rather sad but getting a new laptop is something which I find rather exciting - I get to play with it and make it all personal and my own. Ok, enough of that making me sound like a freak.

Glad you're enjoying your firm. There are a couple of 3rd and 4th years at the GP i'm at altough we spend most of our time bitching about the course rather than me teaching them anything.

Oh, and job rankings, i'm about half way through mine. They have to be done by the 11th. God knows what i'm going to end up with or where.

Marysienka said...

Oh sucks for the laptop, but at least you get to have a new one (and from your parents!) :o)

I hope you get your first choice. I know on this one, I wouldn't be easily pleased. That's a pretty positive point that you have!

Good luck with the 6 weeks of medicine. I want to do this one first (or early in my sequence), as it's not really my kind of medicine...

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