Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On Take

Well, I should have been... Except the SHO thought that either I should observe clerking or take historys from patients after he'd clerked that. WTF!? I left early, unsurprisingly, because I was bored out of skull. I'm going to be a house officer in 6 months (touch wood), how can I practice clerking skills without actually doing it? Even the 3rd years can take a history and do a reasonable examination for goodness sake!

I did spend a productive half an hour on the Royal College of Radiologists' website though, while sat in the doctor's office. I am very taken with the idea of radiology. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the really quite delectable radiology consultant at the local hospital, who I happened to see in Sainsburys today... Honestly, nothing at all.

Oh, and how glad am I to see Skins back on TV. Its brilliant. Shaky start to today's first episode, but it picked up and by the close I was enjoying it as much as ever. Especially the crazy outfits, Bill Bailey as a West Country builder ('alrigh', my luvverr?') and Maxxie, the gay dancer. Me and houseamtes (congregated on the sofas to watch) were debating whether fancying him is right or wrong, considering how young he is - quick check on imdb.com and he's 18 - but I think that's part of the charm. He's an amazing dancer with a wickedly toned body, always a plus, but I think his relative youth completes the attraction. He's a newly minted man: clean, fresh and undeniably hot.

Hmmm, you can't tell I'm in the middle of a man-drought at all, can you?


the little medic said...

I keep having phases of wanting to do radiology. I've absolutely no idea why!

Marysienka said...

Be careful with consultants. They're evil! Especially if they are already in couple. Enough said :-P

um um so radiology, huh? when do you have to choose for good?

Anna said...

TLM: it's because imaging is just so damned cool. I also think it would allow me to indulge my shoe fetish (even I can't do a ward round in 4 inch heels) but I don't think that's a reason for you. Or maybe it is...

Marysienka: he's just pretty to look at. I ain't doing anymore, honest. I don't have to choose for 2 years, but I need to start doing stuff to show how much I want my chosen career pretty damn soon to be able to beat off all the competition.