Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Oh yes. I was sat in bed reading, should have been asleep, and suddenly the room shook, firmly but gently, for about 5 seconds. I was like 'holy crap, what the hell?' and disbelieving to be honest. And then scared, cos I realised it was definitely not the housemate above me having sex. It was a flipping EARTHQUAKE.

So then I my on my dressing gown and stuck my head out to see if anyone else felt it, but no such luck, all asleep.

I turned to the internet, but there was no record yet. I found a likely page, and refreshed a few times, and then there it was:

12:56:46 AM UTC
England, United Kingdom ( 53.32N, 0.31W )
Magnitude 4.7
Depth 6 miles

Holy crap!


Anonymous said...

very quick report, found in google just an hour later!

Zombie said...

I thought it was the neighbors doing some late night diy. They have been gutting their house at all hours, and last weekend thought that 9am on a sunday was a really good time to start drilling into my bedroom wall! So I just kinda rolled over and went 'goddamnbloodypeoplewhattimedotheycall this' Next day I found out what it was.