Friday, March 28, 2008

Not working, but should be

It's my week off for Easter, and I'm faffing. Not really working, but not really relaxing either. Just blithering somewhere inbetween. Grr.

On the other hand, I have finished a painting (of a flying purple hippo) and re-read several early Discworld novels. Oh, and done muchos housework, dragged entire trees (in pieces clearly) up our garden and chauffered my siblings here, there and everywhere.

The weather's up the spout too. Even more bipolar than the usual British spring. We're have hail, snow, showers, downpours and glorious sunshine this week - sometimes all in one day. No wonder I'm so unsettled.

Currently very pleased with: my new foundation brush from the Bodyshop. It's wickedly good for even smooth applications!

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